A few days ago, TIME magazine released the #MeToo ‘Silence Breakers’ as its Persons of the Year for 2017; yet, what is most remarkable is that this ever-growing chorus of voices spanning workplaces, #ChurchToo, schools, sports clubs, politics, and entertainment joined in perfect harmony without ever rehearsing a single note.

No one gave a rallying cry. No political party controlled the message. One too many violations, liberties taken without permission, devaluations, and escalations finally cracked the social code. Pressure had been mounting for centuries, and the dam gave way.

Many of you, like me, have been part of this movement for months, years, even decades. Each voice raised was another chink in the wall. That elbow in the corner of the magazine’s cover is yours. It is mine. We’re telling the church, we have something to say. And, no, God doesn’t want us to be silent any longer. Qui tacet consentire videtur–“he who is silent is taken to agree.” We DON’T agree, and we won’t be silent.

The Reckoning

It’s a tsunami-size wave, a national excavation of uncovering sexual harassment, assault, and abuse in all the nooks and crannies of society. It’s the unearthing of sexual misdeeds, buried by monumental cover-ups. It’s the crashing of kings.

It’s removing secrecy from “open secrets.”

This new book of revelation playing out on Twitter reveals the plague of abuses hovering over the church’s door. Read the outpouring of #ChurchToo posts, where the silenced, marginalized, discredited, denigrated, and dehumanized call upon willfully blind churchgoers and church leaders to settle their accounts.

What #ChurchToo Isn’t–It’s Not Revenge

#ChurchToo is not about enemies of the church. It’s not about anger or revenge. Many of us would like to see justice, but most of us don’t define justice as Old Testament retributive destruction.

We do see justice as giving a voice to the voiceless; giving love to the brokenhearted; and giving protection to victims. We also see it as requiring accountability from abusers. Justice heals, restores, rehabilitates, protects, and deters future crime. Justice does not marry forgiveness to abuse. And that’s why the #ChurchToo movement is necessary. Too many people have misapplied the Bible and manipulated forgiveness in the name of Christ. Effectually, these people are burying abuse and the abused beneath their altars.

What #ChurchToo Is–It Is About Being a True Christian & Resetting the Culture to Christ

This sharing is not a criticism of God, but it is a clear message to the men and women who abuse the name of God through their personal biases and complicit inaction. We will no longer accept the manipulation of beautiful salvation or secondary victimization. We will not tolerate complicity by action or inaction.

The rest of this post is dedicated to others’ voices, not my own. I wish I could post them all, but sadly, there are just too many. But if you ever doubt the church’s involvement in sexual violence or how pervasive sexual violence within the church is, then I implore you to go to Twitter, search #ChurchToo, and just scroll.