As a trip to our local grocery store today revealed, we’re in the thick of hurricane season on the East Coast. Ironically, it was a gorgeous day. Not a hint of the Category Four beast swirling out there in the Atlantic.

Isn’t that the way life is? You’re moving along in your beautiful world, smiling rays of sunshine, when some dark cloud creeps across your space. Sometimes we have some afternoon showers show up. Sometimes we find ourselves in hurricane season, with category twos, threes, fours, and sometimes even fives ripping our worlds apart.

The amazing thing people who’ve survived hurricanes know is that the eye of the storm remains calm even when chaos swirls around it. It’s an incredible thing to witness. Likewise, when winds of life fiercely whip you, threatening to rip the shingles and get to your inner core, you can go to God and find absolute calm. He is the eye, and he will guard our souls from all the craziness, giving us calm, resolute peace.

Sometimes, we bury ourselves in scripture and get to that place. Sometimes we go into our closets and pour out hearts to God. And sometimes we find the eye by putting on our worship playlist, going outside, and jogging through the hurt, frustration, and tears until peace breaks from inside out.

Whatever brings you to God’s calm in the storm, we’d thought we would share some of the songs that have brought us that cathartic release during difficult storms of life.

  1. “Eye of the Storm,” by Ryan Stevenson
  1. “You Say,” Lauren Daigle
  1. “Broken Girl,” Matthew West
  1. “Needing You Now,” Meredith Andrews & We Are Messengers
  1. “Stained Glass Masquerade,” Casting Crowns
  1. “Rescuer (Good News),” Rend Collective
  1. “The Breakup Song,” Francesca Battistelli
  1. “Not Today,” Hillsong United

  1. “My Defender,” Jeremy Camp
  1. “Brave,” Skillet
  1. “Lions,” Skillet (Current favorite!)
  1. “Keep Your Eyes on Me,” Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
  1. “Oh My Soul,” Casting Crowns (Again. 🙂 )