Walking in Truth, Embracing Light

What Happens When We Silence Whistleblowers? Real People Die

On October 29, 2019, Boeing's CEO spoke to the Senate. Behind him were the families of victims, victims who died on Boeing 737 Max plane crashes. 346 people died in two crashes when a software "glitch" prevented pilots from taking... Continue Reading →

The Wife of a Boeing Whistleblower

I am the wife of a Boeing whistleblower. Tonight, my whistleblower husband lies beside me. Somewhere, a pilot’s wife is not so lucky, for her husband piloted a fatal Boeing 737 Max flight. I am the mother of a whistleblower’s children. Tonight, my children sleep in rooms beside ours. Somewhere, though, a mother is not so lucky, for her passenger son or passenger daughter drew the unfortunate ticket to fly on a fatal Boeing 737 Max flight.

Prince of Peace, Sword of the Spirit, Twinkling Christmas Lights, & Worthy Disciples

As Christians around the world set up their decorations, take part in holiday celebrations, and giftwrap presents, we should all pause and reflect on what it means to be a worthy disciple of Jesus Christ. Read more...

The Light of The Living—God, This One’s for You ❤️

I know I promised I would be strong, and I promised I wouldn’t doubt you. This was never my fight alone. It was always our fight, Lord. Our war against soul-destroying fear. It was a war to restore brave truth and bold light to their rightful thrones. It was a war against wicked darkness. It was a war to redeem the remnant souls.

Witness Tampering 101

"State actors and non-governmental organization (NGO) activists are often unfamiliar with the commonalities between domestic violence and human trafficking, making informed interventions less likely. Batterer’s treatment experts define domestic violence as a planned pattern of coercive control. Similarly, traffickers use 'force,... Continue Reading →

I Choose Hell (with the Innocents, Honesty, and Truth You Murder)

It's time we get real with each other. It's a cop out to pretend our account with God is the only account we have open. Our main account is with God, and godly forgiveness, grace, and salvation resets that account. That's huge, of course. But we gotta be real, y'all. We live on this planet with a lot of other people. You and yours and me and mine ain't the only ones God loves. How we treat (or mistreat) our neighbors, it matters. It matters big.

The Season of Victory

We enter different seasons in life. Some are winning seasons. Some are losing seasons. Some are championship years. Some are turnover years where we assemble and build new teams. All seasons are important...

When Oceans Rise

Anger swells, and then recedes, replaced by guilt. Then, more anger. And then sadness. These feelings flow in waves, like the tide. It’s just so senseless. And unfair. All humans have the potential to shine light, but God grants some souls extra wattage. K’s light was extraordinary. And she was just a child on the brink of living...The world needed K. The world needed a million Ks...

“Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”

In Matthew 18, Jesus' disciples asked him this question: "Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?" The disciples expected Jesus to establish an order. Lay out who was the best, most devoted among them. With whom was Jesus... Continue Reading →

Wise as Serpents & Harmless as Doves

The Apostle Paul was a Worthy Disciple who exemplified a Christian balance of both a serpent's wisdom and a dove's harmlessness. He was the balance of bold and base, wise cunning and simple innocence. What made him a Worthy Disciple was Christ in him. When Paul saw unhealthy, unholy division in the Christian church at Corinth, he had to tread carefully on how to address issues within the Corinthian church. He had to possess the wisdom to discern the causes of division, but he also had to have the innocent motive to heal, not hurt (unite, not destroy).

“Darkness produces good mushrooms but poor flowers.”

In the Bible, Job did not avoid darkness, and he did not avoid God. Instead, he brought his questions about the darkness to God. He wrestled with God. Job refused to be silenced by darkness, and he refused to fear darkness. He kept speaking truth, kept pleading. He kept wrestling through the dark. Finally, he had a break through. He emerged enlightened, and in God's light . . . .

We Have This Hope: Healing as a Hero’s Quest (with God as the Mentor-Helper)

We don't have to live in fear, for God is with us in triumph and tragedy. Facing our brokenness is an epic journey of sorts, into the abyss of pain. But He catches every tear, and He never leaves us alone. No tear is cried in vain. From our pain, He creates purpose. We can rest knowing, not our will, but His will be done.

Holiness, the ‘Reformation of Manners,’ & Modern Culture

Wesley and other sanctification preachers throughout history called the Church, the "light of the world," that "city upon a hill," to a higher standard of both personal AND social holiness...

10 Lessons of Light for Dark Days: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., A Heart Full of Grace, & A Soul Generated By Love

This week has been particularly painful for many. The Senate's Supreme Court confirmation hearing coverage was all-consuming. Once again, without asking for our consent, persons who had others perpetrate acts of violence on them found themselves in the center of... Continue Reading →

What Reason Can & Cannot Do: John Wesley’s Sermon #70

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen, right? So what purpose does reason serve? Is reason of the world and faith of the heavens? Are the two diametric opposites? What says the... Continue Reading →

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